Thursday, January 31, 2013

I've Come A Long Way

   I don’t spend enough time reflecting on how far I’ve come over the years with my angling prowess. As I was straightening up this evening, I came across some old photos spanning my early teens to early twenties that always make me smile when I need a lift. The reel on top, rod guides pointing upwards skill was something I was proficient at in my early teens as illustrated in this grainy picture. While I will agree the upside-down backwards spinning reel is hard to beat, the fishing attire was just so wrong too. Sooner or later I guess I must’ve noticed how other people were fishing and corrected it though it was working for me at the time. It was simply my personal preference, like wearing my socks inside out which I’m still guilty of.


I owe my love of the outdoors to my parents who instilled it in me at a very young age. My mom with her old Shakespeare push button reel.
My first kayak that I was so excited to get when I moved to FL. I didn’t even care whether or not it was seaworthy. I was so excited this day to stand next to something so magnificient. It certainly covered a lot of miles in all the years I had it!
My first snook I ever caught on our old 17′ Scout Sportfisher. I was new to saltwater flats fishing here so it was a really, really big deal to me!!!

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